Big Ass



…doesn't fit in a box.

They're not quite traditionalist, not quite modernist, a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n roll. They're not afraid to wear flip flops with their finery and embrace all the sparkly facets of their personalities. They love each others' contradictions. 

…is playful.

They build sandcastles, play Mario Kart, watch Disney movies, and put sprinkles on their ice cream. They can be serious when the situation calls for it, but they think having fun together is the epitome of romance. They smile before they kiss and their passion is expressed through joyful embraces and laughter.

…wants adventure in the great wide somewhere.

Could be snorkeling in Fiji or dancing amongst the lavender in Provence. They're likely to plan a romantic adventure to the South African Cape, while destroying a bucket of chicken wings at a BBQ joint in Charleston. It doesn't really matter where they go, as long as they're together!

… is a couple of romantics.

Maybe not romance novel level, but they love a good love story. The Notebook makes them cry every time and they can't help but cheer for Han and Leia. They've got their grandparents' wedding photo hanging in the stairway as a reminder to never let go. They leave love notes on the bathroom mirror and make snack runs for bagel bites and moscato.

…is spontaneous.

Let's roll. Let's do it. Oh darling, let's be adventurers. What's the worst that could happen? Okay maybe not that last one! They have a courage in their love and life together. In omnia paratus...amiright?!

… is nostalgic.

They relish sitting amongst a pile of photos and hearing the chronicles of their parent's honeymoon, a war story from a quiet aunt or uncle, or confessing the nonsense they got into with their siblings without anyone knowing. They value the tangle of life stories that leads to the present.

… loves to celebrate.

Birthdays, marriage days, taco tuesdays...nothing is off limits. Really it's about finding any reason to either toss glitter, have an umbrella drink or throw some high fives!

…knows that new gets better with age.

Blue jeans, the kitchen table, love, and marriage. They know it's the scratches and imperfections that give it character, style and wisdom. They know it takes a long time to grow old friends, and new walls could never tell the stories of old.

… is genuine and giving.

They toast each other and their loved ones because loving words matter. They gift from the heart, and call just to say they were thinking of you. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and can always find time for what matters most.

…is intentional.

You might say they follow the motto "purposeful over popular." They aren't likely to jump on every new trend that appears, whether it be clothing, interior decorating, diets or wedding planning. They buy furniture they expect to be there in 30 years.

Dawn is awesome! She went above and beyond with her photography session by taking pictures from the rehearsal to the honeymoon and EVERYTHING in between! I wouldn't have gone with another photographer for our wedding!

tamara and josh