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February has been a fun features month over here. The re-proposal at Disneyland Paris that I photographed for my friend Alicia over at AYP was published online not once, but twice!

Earlier this month, the proposal blog How He Asked shared Alicia and Teylor’s story, and just this past week the fun new fairytale inspired blog A Princess Inspired picked up their story. The crazy thing is, their story was also shared on Popsugar last fall. All of this attention is telling me there are a ton of romantics out there and the thought of a re-proposal is sparking some thought bubbles…which is awesome!

For me this was such a special thing to be a part of, because I know how having one or both partners in the military can make the getting married process feel a bit underwhelming. The majority of friends I had in the military just showed up at the local courthouse one day. The military doesn’t care to work around your wedding plans, and service members know this, so they generally have to be willing to forgo a big white wedding completely or at least until they can get a better sense of future deployment schedules…which can change at any time.

This challenge isn’t anything new. Service members have been dealing with this since forever. It’s part of the culture of military life.

I’m glad Alicia and Teylor were able to have a magical moment to themselves with their little one looking on. Someday he’ll see how his parents made time for loving out loud and being creatively romantic!

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