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Destination wedding photographer interview on Voyage Houston
Thanks to my talented friend April over at Tree Climber Creations, I was interviewed by, and featured on Voyage Houston a few days ago! Other than for jobs, I’ve never been interviewed for anything before, so it was a pretty weird experience to sit down and think through “my story.”
Scary as it is to revisit the length of a project, goal or in my case, life…it’s a great (and necessary) exercise to also examine the width of it. Yes I stepped from one stone to the next over the course of my life so far. But as I was standing on each of those stones, (each one so very different from the last), I looked around, met new people, accumulated experiences, felt joy and pain, elation and despair, saw the world from a slightly different angle, learned everything I could think of to learn…and then made the leap to the next stone with intention and purpose.

We tend to always measure things in easy fragments like age, marital status, # of children, # of college degrees, time on the job…but those things only tell the length of any given stage of life. Too much is overlooked and under-appreciated if that’s all we look at. I think this is part of the reason I am so drawn to history and photography. Snap judgements based on tiny and targeted timeframes of a person’s life experience are meaningless in the context of…well, basically anything important.

I hope my fellow creatives and small business owners take time to take stock of everything that fed into where they are now. Comparing based on numbers alone, short changes all your work and contributions. I may have gotten started in this industry “late,” but there are stories, friendships and experiences behind that tardiness that I would never trade in to have started earlier.

Destination wedding photographer interview on Voyage Houston



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