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Pineapple themed engagement party feature on 7 Centerpieces
I’m so thrilled at all the love our pineapple themed surprise proposal shoot is getting! I especially love that our local Texas wedding inspiration blog, 7 Centerpieces, picked it up to share with all their couples. I definitely love my tropical loving, beach babe-ing, Texans!

It’s been so fun celebrating Chesni and Travis’ engagement this last month. When Travis and I put this surprise proposal together, I knew it was going to be magical. The weather at our location was literally golden, with the warmest light sparkling off of everything…especially that heirloom engagement ring!

And the pineapples! I may make it a home decor must to have flower filled pineapples all summer long next year! Flower Vibes, Wink by Erica and By Brittany Branson brought all their pineapple game to the details they crafted for this special day!

Pineapple themed engagement party feature on 7 Centerpieces



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