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Springtime in southeast Texas is pretty awesome. The weather is comfortable, the jasmine starts bursting and sending it’s luscious scent into the air and the prep for summer vacations begins. Even though I live here, I still consider Galveston a vacation destination. It’s kind of like when I worked at Disney and spent my days off at…Disney. LOL. Well I’m not the only one that loves a good Galveston staycation. My friend and fellow photographer Jenny is always onboard for a relaxing trip over to the island.

The thing I love about Galveston is that one minute you could be standing amidst a romantic backdrop of french inspired architecture and the next be passing buy a funky mural. We used this to our advantage and hit some of my favorite spots in the downtown historic district near The Strand.

We started at the Greetings from Galveston mural in Saengerfest Park on 23rd and The Strand. It’s on the side of Yaga’s Cafe. If you ever get the chance to eat here, definitely dine outside and enjoy the people watching. Just a few steps down the street we stopped at Old Galveston Square for the must get photo with the giant trumpet.

From here we headed over a street to Ship Mechanic Row, on our way passing an epic wall of jasmine. I wish the internet had smell-o-vision so I could share it with you. So. Freakin. Divine. We meandered past the Tremont House to the fun, colorful photo op that is the Mardi Gras arch.

We continued on our route, snaking around to Postoffice Street, before dipping into an alley. The alleys in Galveston are a highlight, especially in the spring. I can’t think of a time I did a session in the historic district and did not take my clients into one of the alleys.

Tucked into the alley between Church and Postoffice streets is a mural of a large koi in a lily pond. (Note: if you’re into these murals and want to see more, here’s a list of all the murals on Galveston Island!) As a bonus, on the adjacent wall is another sky-high jasmine vine. I could have stayed here all day, but some storm clouds were blowing in and we had one more stop to make.

We headed toward Pier 21 stopping in front of Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood Grill. Rounding the corner to the harbor we came upon a research vessel. Sometimes you’ll see Coast Guard ships or even the 1877 Tall Ship Elissa docked here, so it’s always worth a walk over.
Saengerfest Park on Galveston Island
woman by the Greetings From Galveston mural in Saengerfest Park
woman standing under the trumpet at Old Galveston Square
woman standing against a wall of jasmine vines
woman standing under the Mardi Gras arch near the Tremont House
portrait of a woman strolling down Postoffice Street near the Tangerine Boutique
vacation portrait of a woman at the koi mural in the alley between Church and Postoffice streets
Vacation portrait of woman at Fisherman's Wharf and on Pier 21
Vacation portrait of a woman on Pier 21 in Galveston Texas
If you’re curious about other spots to enjoy a Galveston staycation day, check out this session.
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