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Madison and her family have been coming to Galveston for years and they always loved staying at Hotel Galvez, now named the Grand Galvez. The hotel has been going through a massive refurbishment, including painting the outside to a pretty shade of pink. Some people didn’t love the color change, but Madison and I were both in love, so it was easy to pick this location for her, mostly, solo sunrise session.

We met just before sunrise. Madison’s mom stepped inside the hotel to grab coffees while we got started outside. Sunrise is a great time for this particular location because we were able to get photos in the hotel approach without little to no cars. There were also very few people walking around that early. The hotel has a lot of little corners and backgrounds, so it’s easy to get a lot of variety, even in one location.

Since her family was in tow, Madison and her mom wanted to save a little time at the end of the session to head down to the beach for a few photos with the group. Madison stepped inside the hotel to change and we headed over to meet the rest of the family. It’s just another reason the Grand Galvez is such a great location, you can get two unique locations just by walking across the street!

We were just in time to catch the end of the morning golden hour, right before the sun gets high in the sky and the light becomes a lot more harsh. We kept things casual and got some really fun, playful photos. I especially love the sweet moment of Madison putting a flower in her mom’s hair.

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